Vivid, Vibrant, and Mermaid Hair Services in Rochester, NY

What is Vibrant or Mermaid Hair?

The vibrant hair trend can be called a variety of things, like rainbow hair, unicorn hair and mermaid hair. No matter what you call them, this colorful trend is here to stay!

Mermaid hair is the technique of blending two or more shades together to create a blended, and whimsical look. The color is an intense and vibrant showstopper! Oftentimes, this style is paired with loose beach waves indicative of the fantasy mermaid look and feel.


Mermaid and Vibrant Hair Upkeep

With great color comes great responsibility. This trend isn’t for the faint of heart because the upkeep required to keep hair bright and vibrant can be quite extensive.

Unless you have light hair already, bleach is often required to strip the color away before adding the new, vibrant colors. You also want to ensure that after your salon visit, you’re using the right products. There is a variety of salon-grade shampoos and conditioners that are designed to keep your color bright and long-lasting. Make sure you consult with your stylist to find the right products!

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Find the Right Stylist

Mermaid and vibrant hair techniques vary, and it’s crucial to choose a stylist with experience to ensure you get the end-result you’re looking for. Mermaid hair takes a while to perfect from a stylists point of view, along with years of experience. Plus, you need to trust the stylist will ask all the right questions about your hair’s history to make sure you get a look that will keep your locks healthy and happy!

As a master stylist for over a decade, I’ve perfected the balayage technique. I’m a Vidal Sassoon Trained stylist, attending their cutting techniques school located in Toronto, ON. I am also a certified master colorist by Schwarzkopf professional, graduating from the Master Colorist Program in January 2020, held in Los Angeles, California.

I’ve been one of Rochester’s go-to stylists for mermaid hair for years now… check out my work below!


Take a look through my recent work! See something you like? Let me know and we can create a similar look just for you.


Pricing varies depending on the hair, hair history, and desired outcome. A consultation is always recommended, but we share base pricing below. Feel free to contact us for a virtual consultation at any time!

Vivid & Mermaid Hair

Based on Consultation

Rainbow hair, unicorn hair and mermaid hair trends are here to stay and create such a gorgeous end result. These colors require pre lightened hair or a pre lightening service. Color correction services will help remedy splotchy tones, uneven palette and damaged porous hair. Requires Consultation virtually or in person.

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