2020 Fall Hair Trends To Fall In Love With

Looking to fall in love with your hair this season? Check out these 2020 Fall Hair Trends that will make you love the change in weather a little more. So, what’s in this season? 

Adding Dimension with Warm Tones

Copper Hair TonesFall dimensions are my favorite fall hair trend! I love the way the warmer tones of fall accentuate a client’s skin tone and play with their eye color. It’s so satisfying adding depth to sun-bleached ends to create a more organic and natural looking blonde. Some clients are afraid of warmth, but warmth brings brightness, and in a good way! If a client thinks their hair looks washed out from purple shampoo and too much ashy toner, we go straight to adding warmth and gold tones to brighten things up. 

When we say warm tones to add dimension, think of all the fall colors you see in nature like coppers, burgundy tones, warm reds and honey blondes.

I have also seen some of my bright-light blondes add a hint of peach to their hair to create a beautiful rosy tone! Can we say gorgeous?!

Fall 2020 Hair Trends that Aren’t Just Color

While many people immediately jump to color-based looks for fall hair trends, some of the most stunning seasonal changes happen when you blend fall color with the right cut and style, like:

  • Sleek bobs with pops of color underneath
  • Chunky money pieces, with a vivid color or icy blonde
  • Dimensional balayage with ribbons of copper or chocolate lowlights
  • Warmer, darker shadow root on light blondes
  • Rose gold or peach overlays on lighter blondes

Another trend that is making its way back into the Honey-Blonde-Balayagemagazines (and IG feeds) are chunky highlights and lowlights. I know what you’re thinking… the early 2000’s called and wants their bad hair trends back! But before we nix the trend altogether, we have to remember that the 2020 trend is a modern take on the trend we know so well. The hi-lights are larger to create depth but the tone of the blonde is iced out to make it look more modern and less bright. The low lights are placed strategically beneath or beside the icy blonde stands for more depth and to accentuate the blonde.  The takeaway is that without depth, the blonde won’t pop!

Fall 2020 Hair Trends To Avoid

If you are super blonde and think fall is the time to color your hair black or extremely dark… you’re what a stylist’s nightmares are made of! Hear me out: the color will fade and you will be left with hair that can’t be lightened again for risk of damage and breakage. As an alternative, I recommend adding lowlights and a shadow root to satisfy your itch to turn to the dark side. If You love the darker lowlights and want more, tone the blonde down to a darker shade of blonde (or very light brown). I try and recommend a gradual darkening instead of all at once to prevent regret… and a little goes a long way.

We all get bored in the fall season when summer vacations fade out and the cool weather blows in. As life starts to slow down, I see many clients itching for a major change… and that leads to the desire to chop the hair off and rock a shorter hairstyle. While I’m a huge advocate for trying new things and cutting off all those dead ends, going from long hair to a short bob is a major change. Before impulse chopping, consult with your stylist. Bangs may not work with your cowlick, and if you have pin-straight hair, the shaggy cut might not look as great as your inspo pic. But no matter what, we can find the right style for you— but talk to us first!

Tips to Prepare for a Major Hair Change 

Find two inspiration pics. Seriously, just two! It may be hard to narrow it down to just two photos, but it’s so much easier for your stylist if you have a clear and concise idea and a direction in where you want to go. After that, be aware of the different maintenance a new color may need. New shampoos and color conditioners for the new hue in your life can be pricey, but are completely worth it (and are required for upkeep).

Moral of the story? Add that splash of pumpkin spice to your hair and tone down that blonde. Make the most of the fall hair trends that speaks to you and your hair. Have fun with it, because after all life is too short for boring hair!

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