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Preventing Chlorine Damage to Hair

Tips for Preventing Chlorine Damage

Summertime brings lots of swimming, pools and the occasional hot tub dip— which means your hair is exposed to more chlorine than normal! While chlorine buildup is normal, making sure your hair is properly taken care of is crucial to maintaining healthy locks.


A buildup of the chemical chlorine can cause a green tinge to blonde-haired beauties and can leave a sticky, heavy feeling. To combat a potential buildup it is important to shampoo your hair quickly after swimming. It’s also important to use clarifying shampoo on your hair.


What does a clarifying shampoo actually do? A clarifying shampoo raises the pH-level of your hair, balancing out the harsh chemicals caused by summer swimming. Hair pH is naturally between a 4.5 – 5.5 scale-wise. After shampooing with normal shampoo and conditioner, hair is at a 6.5- 7.5. However, by using a clarifying shampoo, the hair’s pH can be as high as 9!  This will allow any additional chemical components (like chlorine or baquacil) to be stripped from your hair, and ensure that the natural PH balance is restored over time.

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